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About the Snakes

(The real stars of Steel Lotus)

Steel Lotus dances with a variety of species. Most commonly we perform with ball pythons. The ball python’s manageable size, and calm, gentle demeanor make them perfect dance partners and audience ambassadors.

You may also see a variety of colubrids such as: corn snakes, kingsnakes, and milk snakes. Although the names sound similar, colubrids are not related to cobras. None of the snakes that we dance with (or keep) are venomous. However, some of our snakes will share the colors and patterns of venomous species. This is Batesian mimicry and is where a harmless species will evolve to copy the colors of a venomous or poisonous species to trick predators.

As a group, we own over 20 snakes. Not all of our snakes participate in dancing, however. Some are not suitable, some are medical rescues with special needs or limitations, and some have earned a happy retirement from their time in the spotlight.

As we will often inform our audience, these animals are first and foremost our pets. They are not simply dance props to us. Each snake has their own personality and quirks. They come home with us after every show and their well-being will always be our top priority. Below are some of the snakes you may see at a Steel Lotus show.

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