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Do you desire something scaly and unique without the demand for dancing? We also offer snake charming!

See below for details.

About Steel Lotus Dance Troupe

A truly family-friendly dance show, the Steel Lotus Dance Troupe is comprised of women of different ages and experiences. In the tradition of belly dance, girls are taught by the generation before, and gain confidence and grace to carry them through their life. Rooted in traditional belly dance, we blend in other styles into our dance celebration.

We include different elements and props to create a show that is engaging to all audiences. We perform with a variety of props including: fan veils, silk veils, scarves, 25 yard skirts, daggers, swords and occasionally blade poi (kunai welded onto chains which one of our members spins blindfolded).

Our final number of any set is our dance with snakes. Snake dancing is an exotic branch of belly dancing, and if done properly is an organic dance with the dancer following the mood and movement of her snake partner. After each of our shows we invite the audience to come up to meet/pet the snakes and ask any questions they may have about our scaly dance partners (or about dancing). We often find that the experience is educational for our guests and allows us to dispel some of the negative myths surrounding these wonderful animals.

We often joke that the snakes are the true stars of Steel Lotus Dance Troupe.

Snake Charming

Snake Charming

Want to make your next event unforgettable? Allow the ladies of Steel Lotus to charm your guests with their serpents!

Our dancers will mingle, converse, and take pictures with guests. Our diverse aesthetics means that we have various styles of costuming available. If we don’t have the outfit idea you’re dreaming of, we can make it.


Planning for a large-scale event? Additional snake handlers can be arranged. For inquiries and availability contact us.

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